Hypercar Invitational is a unique experiential automotive marketing concept. Created by Alessandro Borroni in 2018, “HI” was conceived as a dynamic launch platform for luxury automotive brands. HI unites a hand-selected group of top collectors and sports car buyers with luxury automotive brands in what our guests have called “an intimate and dream-like environment.” Over multiple days, brands have the opportunity to share their story and form powerful relationships with HI guests. Hypercar Invitational facilitates the type of memorable experiences that guests can’t stop talking about, and that can propel brands for years to come.

Step inside and experience Hypercar Invitational.

What our Partners say about Hypercar Invitational

From manufacturers to dealers to our invited guests, Hypercar Invitational offers an experiential opportunity unlike any automotive event - below view coments from some of the most recognized industry leaders:

"This is a rare opportunity to be surrounded by so many passionate owners of this caliber of car, gathered at one of the most iconic tracks.” 

Parris Mullins
Motorsport Director, O’Gara Motorsport

“Hypercar Invitational is an awesome event — it brings together all the top auto manufacturers in one place, enabling us to demonstrate our latest cutting edge technology. See you there!”

Kevin Czinger
Founder & CEO, Czinger Automobiles

“Hypercar Invitational offered our company a private, exclusive, yet welcoming platform. It gave us the opportunity to create wonderful memories on and off track for our valued customers.”

Stefano Sbettega
Head of Sales, Pagani Automobili

“Seeing our proud owners on track was truly gratifying. To experience these cars is even more valuable than owning them. Hypercar Invitational gave them a venue to see what their cars are truly capable of! Some had never even been on a track before. Owners traveled thousands of miles to attend and experience the feeling of Laguna Seca.”
“Panels discussions were engaging and touching, especially to see manufactures open up about what makes the automobile soulful. Hypercar invitational exceeded my expectations in the sense of community, quality and creating an experience for our customers.”

Evan Cygler
Head of Special Projects, Miller Motorcars

May 17th-20th 2024 - Circuit Of America