The Next-Generation of the American Automotive Event

Presented by Hypercar Invitational 2022.

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When the pandemic took over the world, many in the automotive industry were dealt a blow as the traditional auto shows were all canceled and postponed. This led many to look for new outlets so that they could show off their latest automotive offerings. One event that hasn’t had to change a thing and was actually a step ahead of everyone else is the Hypercar Invitational.

While many events are just now changing their ways as the traditional automotive show starts to sunset, the Hypercar Invititational’s founder already had this in motion back in 2018 when the event was founded. Knowing that automotive enthusiasts and collectors were hungry for a new way to experience the latest and greatest automotive, Alessandro Borroni created the Hypercar Invitational. This exclusive event allows attendees to not only see the latest creation from the world’s most prestigious automakers, but also witness them in action. That’s thanks to the event’s location: The Weathertech Laguna Seca Raceway. What’s more, a select group of attendees will be able to actually experience the cars on the track for themselves in the cockpit.

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or this year’s Hypercar Invitational, the event organizers have hand-selected a group of top collectors and sports car buyers to take part in the three-day, curated event. During those days, the event’s partner brands will be able to share their stories and latest offerings with the guests. Brands participating in this year’s event include Bugatti, Pagani, Zenvo, Hennessey, Aston Martin with the Valkyrie AMR Pro, Dallara and Lucid. Many dealer sponsors will also be on hand, like O’Gara Coach, Boardwalk Pagani & Lamborghini, Luxury Collection, Miller Motorcars and Ferrari of Silicon Valley. You’ll be hard-pressed to find an event that offers such an intimate experience with the world’s most exclusive automakers and dealerships.

The Hypercar Invitational 2022 will take place June 9-12th and the cost of a ticket is set at $7,500 for the 3.5-day event. This price includes track time, pro-celebrity coaching, track support, luxury meals and dinners, luxury suites, and cocktail events. Hypercar Invitational notes that around 100 guests will be able to partake in this year’s event, allowing it to remain intimate so that attendees and participating companies can have ample time to create new relationships.

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